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June 10 2017


Making Your Web Site Come to Life: Tricks for Planning Your Pages Active

My own first internet site was simply a brochure that was changed into an HTML record and installed on the web. After that I have learned that web web pages can do far more than printed brochures, because they will offer several different ways to involve the guests. Here are some of the ways that I actually use to bring my sites to life.

The first and most evident kind of interactivity is to possess a way in which someone can mail you a message or contact you. This can be done by putting your email address as a "clickable" link on your webpages. This is normally enough, but sometimes people are not surfing on their own computers and aren't click on the postal mail link because they avoid have an e-mail program on that particular computer. http://www.pageinteractive.pl/oferta/strony-internetowe/ The answer is to put a contact web page online site. This allows one to contact you, no matter where they are surfing. Also, as far as I can see, the contact form seems to attract more replies than a simple "mailto" link, perhaps because it requires so little hard work to complete.

If you do use a clickable mailto link on your website make certain to encode it and protect your email address from being harvested by spam merchants--see our article.

Forms can be activated by a CGI script, or if you are using Front side Page, through the Front side Page extensions. If you are unable to use either of these methods then you can get absolutely form processing on a third-party server (such as bravenet. com), but you will have to tolerate advertisements or pay a cost to have them removed.

One other way you can involve subscribers on a regular basis is to give a newsletter related to your site. The e-zine or e-zine in the simplest form can be nothing more than an update of new features on your web site. Or else you can be more ambitious and write an article on themes related to your internet site. To get example, if your internet site represents your bicycle shop, your newsletter could contain articles about cycling. Describe the scope of your newsletter with an story on your web site: "Get updates and information related to the styles of your website in a free e-mail newsletter" implemented by a sign-up form where the people can sign up for the newsletter.

Start up a Newsletter

In your newsletter provide backlinks to your internet site, and your products or services order pages. I find that whenever I send out a newsletter, traffic on the website rises as do orders for my products. Can provide information how people can sign up and unsubscribe, and notify people to forward the newsletter to friends and those who might be considering your website.

You can keep people approaching back to your site by by using a bulletin table or online forum. The beauty of the bulletins board is that your visitors create your content. However, to ensure this to work you'll want enough traffic. If you have a Britney Spears fan site, then it should be no issue to get your bulletin board working. If perhaps your site doesn't have a very good flow of tourists there is certainly still a way in which you are able to use a bulletin board. Keep a special forum. Mention, on your site and in your newsletter, a specific period by which there will be a debate on a topic: "Visit our special forum on Racing Bicycles which is organised from September 1-5. Taking part in the discussion will be the webmaster and his staff of auto racing experts". This is a good way to link together your newsletter and your bulletin board to sustain interest in your site.

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